Vote with ProConnect

Interaction with ProConnect


  • Creating interaction
  • Linking devices to each other
  • Collaborative learning
  • Stimulating engagement
  • Answering questions

ProConnect is a part of Prowise Presenter in which you can easily create interaction between devices in the classroom and the touchscreen. You start up ProConnect in Presenter. Next, other devices can participate through the browser or the ProConnect app.

Start ProConnect and let students log in with the group code. In the ProConnect menu, you can start your ProConnect activities. Click on 'Vote' to start the session.

In the menu of the voting session, at the bottom, you can select possibilities for the solutions you want to share with the participants.

  • ABC
    These are multiple-choice questions. Select the answers you want them to choose from and click on 'Send'.
  • ✓✗
    You can choose from four options. Select the answers you want them to choose from and click on 'Send'.
  • Colours
    You can choose from six colours. Select the colours you want to use and click on 'Send'.

Participants can view the possible answers on their device and choose an answer. You can instantly see how many participants have answered in the menu. Click on the clock icon to see who has not answered yet. You can stop the voting session with the stop button. 

Reveal or hide the results by flipping the toggle. Close the ProConnect session by clicking the 'x' in the green toolbar.

Vote with ProConnect