Video: Writing on the Prowise Touchscreen

Quick, natural and smooth

During a conference or in class, writing on the Prowise Touchscreen is one of the most important and frequently used features. We would like to show you the quick, natural and smooth writing experience.

The Prowise Touchscreen immediately responds to the pen without delay. We call this instant writing. Whether you are writing something down quickly or drawing something slowly, it feels just like you are using a pen to write on a piece of paper. The biggest benefit? You are writing on an IWB, which means you can immediately save your notes and share them with students or colleagues.

Write with two at the same time

Writing on a Prowise Touchscreen has more benefits. First, the Touchscreen is equipped with two pens, so you can easily write on the screen with two people at the same time. Each pen can save a different colour so writing simultaneously gets even easier. In addition, there is the possibility to change background colours and take notes over current websites, documents and applications. Not happy? Quickly and easily erase your notes with the eraser.

In the video, you can see Ramsay working with the ProNote 2. ProNote 2 is available from Prowise Central 2.1. This version of the operating system will be released via an OTA soon. It goes without saying this will be done through our reliable and safe servers. This way, you are always guaranteed of the latest software on your touchscreen.