Screensharing of every device

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What is screensharing?
Screensharing (also called screencasting) means that the screen of a laptop, iPad or another device can be broadcast on the Prowise touchscreen. The content (website, photo, notes) that is currently opened on the screen of your device are directly projected on the big screen. With the Prowise Reflect app you can even continue operating the screen of your device from the touchscreen (Mac and Windows).

Why is this appealing for my class?
It enables interactive education and requires a lot of collaboration. This way, the pupil can easily show the entire class what he or she is working on. Of course, you can also share the screen of your own laptop to show photos or assignments. 

What are the possibilities?
With the Prowise touchscreen you can screencast from any device, smartphone or tablet. The screen supports:

  • Reflect (screencasting from Windows-, Chrome-, MacOS- en iOS-devices)
  • AirPlay (screencasting from MacOS- of iOS-devices)
  • Chromecast (screencasting from Windows-, Chrome-, MacOS- en iOS-devices)
  • Miracast (screencasting from Windows devices)
Screensharing of every device