New: Prowise Presenter 10!

Get started with the latest educational software

We have great news for you: you can now get started with Prowise Presenter 10! 

Presenter 10 is a completely new version of our free education software. Rest assured: you can still open and save all your previously-created lessons in the new version. We have made sure that you can now create even greater lessons, presentations, quizzes or essays in Presenter 10. 

The following highlights are an absolute must: 

3D models

The brand-new 3D models can make complex content comprehensible and allow you to show objects and subjects to your learners from every angle. 

Real-time collaboration

Work together with other teachers or pupils in the same Presenter file at the same time. Let students create a presentation together or develop a lesson together with your colleagues. Version management and sending files are now a thing of the past. 

Touch Table tools

Our Touch Table tools encourage learning through play and are now directly accessible from the media library (and from any device!). 

Get started immediately

You can get started with Presenter 10 in two different ways. 

  1. You can log in with your current account details in the usual operating systems and browsers. For the optimal experience, we recommend the Chrome browser. 
    Open Presenter 10 in your browser
  2. There are separate apps available for tablets (Android/iOS). Naturally, the apps are also available in the App Store (Apple) and the Google Play Store (Android).
    Download the app

The Presenter 10 app for Prowise Central (the operating system of your Prowise touchscreen) is available in the Prowise Store, as long as you have installed the latest version of Central on your touchscreen. Please note: this is Central 2.2.1, which is a new update. Read how to update Prowise Central here. The Presenter 10 app is already installed on our touchscreens from the Prowise Central 3.0 version. 

From 9 to 10

We would like to make the transition from Presenter 9 to 10 as easy and complete as possible. Aren’t you ready to switch yet? You can continue to use Presenter 9 without any worries. There are some differences with Presenter 9. Learn more about it here.

We are incredibly proud of the final result and hope that all our users enjoy the new Prowise Presenter 10. 

New: Prowise Presenter 10!