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  • Making reading second nature
  • Constructing new words

Construct words by using the letters the students have learned or already know. Add new letters, thereby ensuring that the number of letters in the letter file grows proportionately with the progression level of the student.

Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. Set which letters you want in the letter file. Press the settings button again to close the menu. 
Click on the blue buttons above and below the letters to change them. The letters are ranked in alphabetical order.
Click on the '+' button on the right to make the word that is visible in the letter file appear as a word magnet at the bottom of the tool.

You can shift the word magnets around. Select a word magnet by clicking on it and adjust the size, colour or word. Click on the rubbish bin to delete the magnet. Click in the white plane to deselect a word magnet.