Counting to 20

Mathematics tools

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  • Using mathematical terminology
  • Calculating totals
  • Recognising and practising the five structure

Count and select the items and practise the five structure.

Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. Click on the settings menu to change the theme, total and type. Click on the settings button again or next to the settings menu to close the menu.Once you select an object, it moves to the top-left corner automatically. The object decreases in size slightly and a frame will appear around it. It is no longer possible to select this object. Click on another object to also move it to the top-right corner and place it next the the first object. This object will also decrease in size slightly and be surrounded by a frame. Next, select all objects. The objects are now ordered in the five structure. A maximum of ten objects can be placed in the top-right corner.

Click on the eye icon in the top-right corner to show the number of selected objects. Click on the icon once again to hide the number of selected objects.

Counting to 20


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