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  • Solving mathematical problems
  • Giving meaning to the mathematical symbols of adding and subtracting
  • Adding and subtracting numbers up to 20

mode once students are ready for completing assignments (independently).

Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. Activate the practise mode in the toolbar. Set the number of seats on the bus, number of bus stops and the type of calculations you want to practise. Press 'Start' to start practising. A number will appear at the top. This is the number of children you need to get on the bus. Once the number has been reached, you can select 'Next stop' . At the next stop, another number appears at the top. Align this number with the number of children you want to let on the bus and select 'Final stop'. The more calculations you have set, the more bus stops there are before reaching the final stop.

At the final stop you count the number of children on the bus and select the corresponding value. If the answer is wrong, it will light up in red. If the answer is correct, the children get off the bus. Select 'New game' to start a new series of additions and subtractions.

You cannot select the button 'Next stop' or 'Final stop' if the selected value does not correspond with the number of children on the bus.

Bus stop Practice mode


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