Beaded plank

Mathematics tool

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  • Solving practical and formal calculation issues
  • Counting and remembering
  • Recognising and comparing colours
  • Spatial awareness

Copy shapes and patterns on the beaded plank. Recognise and continue patterns.

Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. First, adjust the settings with the settings button. You can adjust the size of the board or use additional supporting tools. When using the curtain, use the triangle in the middle to pull it up or down.
First, choose a colour from the bar. The button with the chosen colour will turn yellow and is now selected. Next, click on the light blue circle on the right. The circle will become the same colour as the chosen colour in the bar. Click on the coloured circle again to make it light blue again.
If you want to change the colour of multiple circles, you can press and drag along multiple desired circles in a sliding motion.

Select 'Check' to check the pattern. Circles that have not been coloured correctly are marked with a red cross. Press 'Check' again to hide the red crosses.
Select 'Reset' to clear all circles.
If the pattern has been copied correctly, a 'Well done' animation will appear. Click on the animation to make it disappear.


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