Prowise Central 2.1

Screen sharing was never this easy!

Prowise Central 2.1 once again includes a free update for our touchscreen operating system. We will share the update over the air (OTA) and after installing, your touchscreen will be equipped with the most recent software and its various new functionalities.

As you know, your Prowise Touchscreen is guaranteed the most recent software for five years free of any additional charge. The Central 2.1 version is available for the Prowise Touchscreen, the ProLine+ and EntryLine UHD touchscreens. Beware: the functionalities differ per touchscreen. 

ProNote 2

With ProNote 2, taking notes in a variety of colours is quick and simple. In addition, you can annotate all of your input sources, Windows applications, websites, PDFs and other documents. In addition, the writing and erasing speed has been improved for an even better and more natural user experience. With the page manager, you can take several pages of notes. Share your written notes taken on the touchscreen with whoever you want. Scan the QR code or share it via email.

Screen sharing

Nowadays laptops, tablets or other personal devices are a familiar sight in the classroom. This enables interactive education including a lot of collaboration. How good is it then to share the pupil's screen on the Prowise Touchscreen, regardless of the device (Apple, Windows or Google). This way, the pupil can easily show the entire class what he or she is working on. Of course, you can also establish a wireless connection between your laptop and the Touchscreen.

Prowise Reflect

With our Prowise Reflect software, you can synchronise the screen of a device with the Touchscreen. You can now control the touchscreen from your device.

  • Wireless (no cables or dongles)
  • Share up to 4 screens at the same time
  • Pin code lock possibility
  • Easily deployable

The Prowise Touchscreen with Central 2.1 also supports:


AirPlay enables streaming between Apple devices. For instance iPhones, iPads or MacBooks. With AirPlay, you
can easily stream the screen of your iPhone, iPad or MacBook to the Prowise Touchscreen. Now the whole class
can look in. No additional installation is required to use AirPlay. You can get started immediately.


Miracast enables streaming between Windows devices. With Miracast, you can share/stream the screen of your
Windows device (for instance a notebook) on the Prowise Touchscreen. Fully wireless, in excellent quality, quick
and without additional costs or complex installations.


Chromecast enables streaming between Google devices. With Chromecast you can share/stream the screen of
your Google device (for instance a Chromebook) on your Prowise Touchscreen. Fully wireless, in excellent quality,
quick and without additional costs or complex installations.

Widget support

From Central 2.1 you can personalise your touchscreen by adding app widgets to your Central home. A widget
gives you information in an interactive way. For instance, the weather widget shows the current weather.

Prowise Central 2.1