Writing in Presenter



  • Inform user
  • Exploring the Presenter core skills
  • Exploring the writing tools

The toolbar contains tools to write, erase, type, and to draw lines and figures. It also contains the mini tools. You can move the toolbar with the Prowise eye icon on the right. There are three writing tools in the toolbar:

  • Pencil
  • Calligraphy pencil
  • Highlighter

The colour of the tool indicates the active colour. When selecting a writing tool, the tool pops up slightly. An additional menu appears to the left of the toolbar that contains more options for the selected tool.
The three most-recently used colours are displayed in the menu. The active colour is the dot with the check mark. Select another dot to change the colour of the writing tool. Click on an active dot to change the colour of the dot.

You can adjust the line thickness, colour and fill colour for each writing tool in the additional menu.