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  • Creating and dissecting words and sentences and expanding the vocabulary

Expand the students' vocabulary or name parts of speech with word magnets. Make cards from letters, loose words and constituents.

  • Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. The tool opens in edit mode, the settings menu is opened. Adjust the settings if so desired and click the large white plane.
  • Press the yellow button to activate the Presenter keyboard or use the keyboard attached to your device. Add a space after each letter, word or word cluster.
  • Press the 'Clear' button to clear all word magnets. Press 'Confirm' or click on the settings button to close the settings menu.
  • You can shift the word magnets around. Select a word magnet by clicking on it and adjust the size or colour. Deselect the word magnet by clicking in the white plane once again. To delete the word magnet, select it and then click on the bin.


  • Add and enlarge an image and place the tool over the image to use it as background. Create the word magnets and slide them to a specific place on the image.
  • Create word magnets with calculations and answers. Let students find the correct answers to the calculations.