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  • Creating interaction
  • Collaborative learning
  • Stimulating engagement

ProConnect is a part of Prowise Presenter in which you can easily create interaction between devices in the classroom and the touchscreen. You start up ProConnect in Presenter. Next, other devices can participate through the browser or the ProConnect app.

  • Start ProConnect and let students log in with the group code. 
  • Open the media library, select 'Tools' and then ProConnect, or search the Word Cloud tool in the search box. Open Word Cloud by clicking on it. A window will now open in which you can type a sentence or word.
  • As soon as you click on "Start", a text box will appear among the participants. Participants can now type words and send them to the word cloud. In Presenter we see these words in the tool. Words that are entered several times by different participants change color and become slightly larger. Participants can send multiple words to the word cloud.

Word cloud does not stop, but you can clear the word cloud with the "Retry" button. You can also move the words when you click the "3D" button.

Close the ProConnect session by clicking the 'x' in the green toolbar.

Word cloud