Video: Touch Table tools

Did you know... Presenter is packed with Touch Table tools?

Our Touch Table tools are a fun way of collaborating and offer the opportunity to learn through play. The tools are free and you can play with an unlimited number of children.

Build knowledge in your class through play and work on skills necessary in the 21st century; in addition to collaborating, the tools improve the problem-solving ability and IT skills.

Once you have experienced the tools, you will use the touch table more than ever!

Tip! Is your touchscreen mounted to an iPro Tilt or Toddler lift? Tilt the screen and gather around it with a group of pupils.

3 featured tools

  1. Multiplication table race
    Let students do the calculations and let them drag the car with the correct answer to the parking slot. Who will be the first to fill the parking spaces? Practise the multiplication tables 1-12 and choose the combinations of multiplications you want to do.
  2. Sound combo
    Familiarise pupils with the sound of objects and animals by listening to the sound of the card and letting them pick the right object or animal.
  3. Finding shape and colour
    Get started with recognising and naming the geometric shapes. Let students search for the shapes contained in the wheel and then complete the wheel.

Where can I find the Touch Table tools?

In the latest version of Presenter, you can find the Touch Table tools in the media library. You can find the latest version here.

In this version, the Touch Table tools are located in the media library in the bottom-left corner of the screen. All the new tools you can now use in your lessons will appear here.