Video: 3D models in Presenter

Did you know... there is a library in Presenter packed with 3D models?

Choose one of many 3D images and get creative in preparing your lesson. By using 3D you are able to make a subject tangible and lifelike for your students.

Two examples of 3D models

  1. Trojan Horse in 3D
    A 3D model can really contribute to understanding a lesson about the Trojan Horse. The model is closed on the one side. Once you spin it around, you see that the other side is a cross section. Since you can look inside the horse, it becomes clear that there are soldiers inside. What is going on inside the horse? What were the soldiers doing there?
  2. The heart in 3D
    View the heart from different perspectives. Show your class the impact of processes and movement on the heart. What muscles contract when you walk?

Where are the 3D models stored?

The 3D models are available in the latest version of Presenter, which you can find here.

In this version, the 3D models can be found in the media library in the bottom-left corner of the screen. An overview of all the models that you can add to your Presenter file will pop up. You can twist and turn the model by selecting the hand icon.