Update MOVE April 2021

Prowise MOVE expanded with two new games


  • Sort the animals in the right theme
  • Learn the names of the animals
  • Solving practical and formal calculation issues
  • Counting and remembering

Our health has never been this important! Physical exercise keeps you fit and improves your state of mind. Therefore, we are proud to add two new MOVE tools for learning through motion to our unique education solutions. 

Finishing maths sequence

The new maths tool 'Finish the sequence' takes place between various islands in the ocean. As mathematical captain, the players have to navigate the boat to the island with the right answer. At the bottom of the screen, an incomplete sequence of numbers appears. The challenge is to steer the boat to the island with the missing number by using your arms and upper body. Players can adjust the game to their level and preferences. For instance, you can set the number of steps on the number line and the number of 'sailing' exercises.

With the tool 'Finish the sequence', pupils practise their mathematical skills and logical argumentation flow, while being physically active at the same time. Ship ahoy! 

Sort the animals

Land animals, sea animals, farm animals, wild animals and flying animals. The theme of this new tool is rather self-explanatory. In this tool, players are challenged in an interactive way to match the animals that appear with the right living environment. A bird belongs in the sky, a whale in the water. By means of hand gestures, players can move the animals to the right world, similar to the tool 'Sort the food'. 

In the tool 'Sort the animals', pupils improve their general development and learn to name and recognise animals and their living environment.

Twelve playable, learning-through-motion games

With the game 'Finish the sequence' and 'Sort the animals', the number of playable, learning-through-motion games in Prowise MOVE goes up to twelve! This release contains several optimisations, so the app and the games run faster and smoother. 

How to update the 1.3 update (with 'Level up' and '1,2,3 … cut') or higher (with 'Test your knowledge' and 'Finish sequence') is installed, users can update the app directly from the App Store in Prowise Central.

  • Open the Prowise App Store
  • Click on 'Updates' on the left-hand side
  • Select 'Update all apps' or select only the MOVE update

After installing the update, you can immediately get started with the new games. 

Is the 1.3 update not yet installed? First delete the MOVE app and reinstall it from the App Store.

Update MOVE April 2021