Topography Denmark Practice mode


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  • Learning what to do with maps 
  • Learning the basic topography of Denmark 
  • Become familiar with the world map and practice the basic topography of Denmark.
  • Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. 
  • Activate the practice mode in the toolbar. 
  • Select the elements, map type and number of questions you want to practice. 
  • Press 'Start' to start the exercise. 
    • On the map, click on the elements that are indicated at the bottom.
      • If the question has been answered correctly, a green check mark will appear at the bottom and the green 0 switches to 1. 
  • If the exercise has not been completed correctly, a red 'x' will appear at the bottom and the red 0 switches to 1.
  • The next exercise is generated and presented automatically. You can review all the answers once you finish. 
  • Select 'Stop' to go back to the settings menu of the practice mode. 
  • Select 'Back' to exit the practice mode.
Topography Denmark Practice mode