Timer for working independently

Class management tool

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  • Developing a sense of time
  • Interpreting, exploring and practising the concept of remaining time periods

Use this tool to visualise the time that is left to finish a certain task.

Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. The tool opens with the settings menu. Drag cubes with a particular time period inside the clock. The time period is indicated in minutes. 
The coloured time periods can be moved around on the clock if necessary. This way, you can change the order. Drag a coloured cube from the clock to remove it. The blue hand of the clock indicates the total time period. 

Click on the settings button to fold the menu and click on the play button to start the clock. You can also click on the play button directly to fold the menu and start the clock. 
Once you click on the start button, the timer starts counting down and the start button turns into a pause button. You can reset the timer by clicking the button in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Timer for working independently