This is what the classroom will look like in ten years

About foldable screens and augmented reality


The ten-year anniversary of Prowise offers plenty of reasons to look back. However, we would rather not. Prowise has its sights set on the future. What does the classroom look like in ten years time? We gaze into our crystal ball.

In ten years time....

Every student has their own device for digitally completing tasks

"In a way that teachers, students and parents are comfortable with."

Teachers and students only work with foldable touchscreens

"You fold the screen out and place it on the ground or up against the wall."

The shortage in teachers has been solved by technology

"Why wouldn't a good maths teacher be able to teach three classrooms simultaneously with the help of technology?"

Augmented reality is part of everyday life in the classroom.

"A perfect opportunity for interactive teaching and keeping students engaged in class."

Technology is accessible for everyone

"This is where our biggest challenge lies: keeping technology accessible for everyone. From a 4-year-old pupil to a 64-year-old teacher."

This is what the classroom will look like in ten years