The CodeWise programming tool

Teach pupils how to program

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  • Train your 21st century skills such as analytical skills, creativity, problem solving skills and collaborating with others

Inside Prowise Presenter you can find the CodeWise tool which you can use to write a code digitally. First, have your pupils choose their favourite character and background.
You can let them create their own code or give them assignments. Drag and drop the actions to the code field on the right-hand side to write the code.

Press the start button to run the code.
You really have to put yourself into the mind of the character to figure out which way he or she is heading to. Does the character stop walking or does it encounter a false location? Maybe you missed a step in your programming code? For example; a character which is sitting down can not continue to walk without standing up.

Drag and drop an action into the bin if you would like it to be removed from the code or simply drag it to a different position within the code if you wish to make a change. Use the blue arrows if you wish for your character to go to the start or end position of the code.

The CodeWise programming tool