Tap water lesson

Key stage 2

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  • Raising awareness of tap water 
  • Learning to handle tap water consciously
  • Encouraging the drinking of tap water

Focus on the sustainable use of tap water with this lesson. It demonstrates the important role that clean drinking water plays in our lives especially in light of water quality issues in other parts of the country and the world.

The teaching activity starts with a graph that shows students how much tap water is used in daily activities, such as taking a bath, flushing the toilet or using the dishwasher. Also, let students think about what they can change themselves to use less tap water. We already give a few tips, but the class will probably be able to think of many more. Finally, we stress that tap water is a very healthy thirst-quencher and that you can make drinking tap water as much fun as you want!

You can use this lesson at the front of the classroom with a touchscreen or individually on your own device.

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Tap water lesson