Taking the ProQuiz


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  • Pose questions 
  • Testing current knowledge 
  • Providing solutions

You can let your class take the ProQuiz in various ways. When selecting the ProQuiz in your files you can choose to adjust or edit your quiz, or share a link. To deliver the quiz, select 'Play'. 
If you want to deliver the ProQuiz directly from your device, for instance the touchscreen, select 'Start ProQuiz'. You can also choose to set a time limit.

Do you want to use other devices to participate in your ProQuiz? Activate ProConnect in the play mode. You can choose the teaching method; individual or classical. If you choose individual, the questions are posted on the screens of the devices and participants can answer them at their own pace. If you choose classical, all participants are presented with the same question at the same time. You can then control the question that is presented on the devices. This way, all participants are allowed the same amount of time to answer the questions. 

Taking the ProQuiz