Sustainability lessons

Free learning materials on sustainability

Would you like to teach your students more about our world and what's going on? Then we have some good news! In the school year 2020/2021 we’re offering lessons on the theme of sustainability!

Children play a major role in the road to a sustainable future. We, therefore, consider it important that education pays attention to the development of knowledge and skills related to sustainability.

We have started to develop free teaching materials on nature, climate and other topics related to sustainability. In the new school year, you can make a start with the first lessons. We’re creating lessons for primary and secondary education. In secondary education, the lessons fit in perfectly with themes for the subjects of Citizenship, Science and Geography. In addition, you can use the lessons during form time or individual mentoring sessions. 

What do they learn from the lessons?

Lessons include the themes reflected in the United Nations' sustainable development goals, such as poverty, equality, sustainable energy and the climate. In doing so, we bring to light topics that can spark an interesting discussion in the classroom.

In a lesson, particular attention is paid to creating awareness among students of what is going on. They will also learn what they can do themselves to make their contribution. The lessons stimulate a proactive attitude among students by including interactive assignments. There are both classroom assignments in the lesson and individual assignments. The individual assignments can also be done from home. 

The lessons are open-ended so that, in addition to the information already in the lesson, there is room for personal input.

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Sustainability lessons