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  • Carrying out basic mathematical calculations by head with whole numbers up to 100
  • Making and memorising adding and subtracting up to 20 second nature. 
  • Making multiplication calculations and memorising up to 10 x 10 second nature
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing with large numbers and numbers with a decimal point

With this tool, you can easily create rows calculations. 

Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. The tool opens with the settings menu. Choose which number you want first, the type of mathematical calculation (mathematical symbol) and the number you want second. Select the desired level and number of exercises. 
Close the menu by clicking on the settings button again or by clicking anywhere outside of the menu window. 

Click on the button with the eye icon to check the answers. Click on 'Reveal all answers' to display all answers.

Sum maker


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