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Interaction with ProConnect


  • Creating interaction
  • Linking devices to each other
  • Collaborative learning
  • Stimulating engagement

ProConnect is a part of Prowise Presenter in which you can easily create interaction between devices in the classroom and the touchscreen. You start up ProConnect in Presenter. Next, other devices can participate through the browser or the ProConnect app.

Click on the ProConnect button to open the ProConnect menu. To start ProConnect, press 'Start'. A new menu appears with a group code. Below the group code you can press 'Participants' to reveal the participants that have logged in. A menu in which you can choose to pause or stop participants appears.

Minimise the menu with the group code by pressing the '>>' option and open it again with the '<<' button. Unfold the rest of the menu by pressing 'v'.

Click on the group code to maximise it. A new window appears that you can maximise, drag around the screen and close by selecting 'x'.  Do you want to reveal the group code again? Click on the ProConnect button. Participants can participate in ProConnect sessions in two ways:

  • In the browser
  • In the ProConnect app

Close the ProConnect session by clicking the 'x' in the green toolbar.

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