Sort the food

Prowise MOVE

Get started with the theme 'Nutrition'. Let your pupils play 'Sort the food'. Which products are healthy and which ones are not? Start a discussion with your pupils.

After the tool starts up you choose:

  • how many product you want to include;
  • whether or not to play with sound.

When you start the game, several food products appear. Use one hand to grab the food products. Place them in the healthy or the unhealthy crate. At the end you have an overview with the chosen products per crate. Discuss the end result with your pupils.

Important! You need a Prowise MOVE camera to be able to use the MOVE tools. The camera is supplied with the Prowise Touchscreen. Assemble the MOVE camera to your Prowise Touchscreen and open the Prowise MOVE app in Central. Select the tool 'Sort the food'.

Sort the food