Six reasons to create a free Presenter account for your students


As a teacher you can create a free Presenter account for all of your students. This opens up new opportunities for game-based learning, interactive presentations and developing 21st century skills. Here are six reasons why you should create a Presenter account for your students.

  1. Interactive presentations
    With a free Presenter account, students can easily create, save and share interactive presentations. The media library contains a wealth of sounds, images, videos, backgrounds and figures to get started.
  2. Share lessons with your students
    Easily share the lessons you created as a teacher with your students. In this way, they can easily review the lesson for a test, repeat a certain exercise or catch up on a missed lesson.
  3. Game-based learning
    Students have access to our unique Touch Table Tools. Touch Table Tools are educational games, operated by touch, and combine learning, fun and collaboration. With the Touch Table Tools pupils playfully develop their maths, literacy and other skills.
  4. 21st century skills
    Let your students work individually or in groups with over 200 tools that Presenter has to offer. Explore the human body, work with geographical coordinates and develop many other 21st century skills.
  5. Create quizzes
    In the Prowise Presenter community, students naturally find ready-to-use quizzes, but they can also create quizzes or tests (for each other) themselves. A cool way to learn!
  6. Even after school time
    Because students have their own account, they can also log in to Presenter when they are at home. This means pupils can create presentations and perform tasks after school hours with the unique advantages of our educational software.

Create an account 

This is how you apply for accounts for your students

Would you like to request free Presenter accounts for your entire class, school or foundation at the same time? Then send your application to from your school’s contact person.

The contact person then receives a package from Prowise with one administrator (or multiple administrators) who has the possibility to create the free presenter users. The package has an import function. This allows users who already have a Prowise account to be imported into the package. Note: students need an email address for a free Presenter account.

Six reasons to create a free Presenter account for your students