Shape and colour Practice mode

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  • Solving simple geometric exercises
  • Exploring and studying basic geometric shapes 
  • Categorising shapes on colour and shape

Practise recognising shapes and colours.

Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. Activate the practise mode in the toolbar and choose the number of shapes (number of exercises). You can choose a minimum of four different shapes and one colour. Also select whether you want to practise the colours or the shapes. 

Select 'Start' to begin the exercises. Place the shapes in the right columns. If the shape is placed in the right column, a green check mark appears and the green 0 switches to a green 1. If the shape is placed in the wrong column, a red 'x' appears and the red 0 switches to a red 1. The shape is placed back automatically.

Once you have completed the exercise, all shapes remain in the work field. Is everything correct? Then you can pop the balloons. Select 'Stop' to go back to the settings menu of the practise mode.

Shape and colour Practice mode


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