Screen recording

Record your lesson in Prowise Presenter


  • Record your lesson in Prowise Presenter

With the brand-new screen recording feature in the Windows desktop app of Prowise Presenter, you can now easily record your lesson. You can then share the video with your pupils or colleagues. 

The name says it all, a screen recording makes a recording of your screen. All actions are recorded as a video file. This applies to the entire lesson. Think of writing, erasing, typing, inserting 3D models and using tools. You can even choose to add your voice (oral instruction) in the recording. In addition to recording your actions in Presenter, the recording feature also records everything you do in the Windows environment (such as desktop and browser activity). 

Why record a lesson?

  • An instructional video offers a solution for remote learning.  
  • Flipping the classroom: pupils receive instructional videos at home, so there is time for interaction, asking questions and collaboration exercises in the classroom. 
  • Safeguarding valuable instructions and enabling pupils the possibility to play the instructions back.
  • Independent assignment/presentation by pupils.

Get started easily
Click on the three dots in the bottom-right corner on your Presenter screen. Select the Screen recording functionality and the Prowise Screen Recorder appears in the middle of your screen. You can now select the window you want to record. You can also select the desired audio output you want to record. Press start to start recording. 

Share your lesson 
Your recording has now started and the window indicates the elapsed time. You can move this window around so it is not in your way. The time window is not visible in your actual recording. Press the pause or stop button if you are finished recording your lesson. You can save the video on your computer and share it with who you want.

Screen recording