Central 3.0


  • Learn how to use Prowise Reflect

What is Reflect? 
Prowise Reflect is a Prowise app for casting the screen of external devices on the Prowise touchscreen. The great thing about our Reflect software is that you can continue to operate the screen of your device on the touchscreen. 

Where do I find Prowise Reflect?

  • Open Central by clicking on the house on the remote or in the Central quick menu.
  • Open the Reflect app.

Here you will see what your Prowise touchscreen is called and what code you need to enter. In Central 2, you can also activate the Reflect PIN here and turn the various protocols (AirPlay, Chromecast, Miracast and Reflect) on and off.

In Central 3 and 4 you can turn the different protocols on and off by choosing Screen Casting in the Central menu. The pincode options can be found in the advanced settings under 'General' in the Central settings.

How do I start a Reflect connection?
Install the Reflect app on a device to connect it to the touchscreen. You can download the Reflect app from the Prowise website. Carry out the following steps to connect the device to the Prowise touchscreen:

  1. Open the Reflect app on the device (laptop, PC, tablet). The app opens and automatically searches for available Prowise touchscreens. A list with detected Prowise touchscreens appears.
  2. Select the Prowise touchscreen of your choice.
  3. If applicable, enter the security code. The device automatically connects to the Prowise touchscreen. The screen overview will appear on the Prowise touchscreen.
  4. The notification 'Share your screen' will now appear on your device. Press 'Share'.
  5. The shared screen is now broadcast on the touchscreen