Prowise Central 2


  • Explore and apply opportunities for Reflect

You can activate Prowise Reflect in the sidebar of Prowise Central. You can project the screen of a maximum of 4 devices on the touchscreen with Prowise Reflect. Additionally, you can control the devices with the touchscreen (if you are using Windows or Mac OS devices). Cables are no longer needed to connect a device to the screen.

Install the Reflect app on a device to connect it with the touchscreen. Carry out the following steps to connect the device to the touchscreen:

  1. Activate Prowise Reflect in the sidebar of the touchscreen.
  2. Launch the Reflect app on the device.
  3. The app opens and searches for available touchscreens.
  4. A list will appear with all the touchscreens that are connected to the same WiFi network. Select the name of the touchscreen you want to connect to.
  5. Press ‘Start’.
  6. The device will automatically connect to the touchscreen.
  7. The screen overview will appear on the touchscreen.
  8. If you have activated the option 'pin code' in the settings menu, the pin code will now appear on the screen. Enter this code on the device.
  9. The notification 'Share your screen' will now appear on your device. Press 'Share'.
  10. The shared screen is now presented on the touchscreen.

Close the Reflect session by returning to the screen overview and then by closing the window in the shared session in the top right corner or press 'Stop' in the Reflect app on the device. Close all shared screens simultaneously by clicking on the close icon, at the bottom of the Reflect screen overview on the touchscreen.