Recognise the letter

Prowise MOVE


  • Practising and recognising letters

Let students practise recognising letters with the tool 'Recognise the letter'.

After the tool starts up you choose:

  • which letter(s) you want to practise,
  • how long you want to play;
  • the speed with which the answers appear;
  • whether or not to play with sound.

Check which letter you will catch on the left page. If you catch the wrong letter it will bounce off the book and you can try again. If you catch the right letter it will stick on the page. Then a new letter appears in the book. How many correct letters can your pupils stick in the book before the time runs ou

Important! You need a Prowise MOVE camera to be able to use the MOVE tools. The camera is supplied with the Prowise Touchscreen. Assemble the MOVE camera to your Prowise Touchscreen and open the Prowise MOVE app in Central. Select the tool 'Recognise the letter'.

Recognise the letter