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Presenter has an online community where everyone can save, share or open lessons. All these lessons can be used or edited to accommodate the preferences of your class, or use it to get inspired for creating your own lessons.

Open Presenter and select the first button in the bottom-left corner of the toolbar, the file management. Choose 'Open' and then 'Community'. Here you find the lessons created by the Prowise education experts and other users. Lessons created by Prowise are filed in the folder 'Prowise'. These lessons are, just like all the other lessons in the community, freely accessible. From independent lessons focused on a specific subject to series of lessons and entire curriculum strands.
Lessons created by other users are filed in the remaining folders in the community.

All lessons created by Prowise can also be found in MyProwise. Find a suitable lesson for you by using the filters or with your own search terms in the search bar.
Every lesson contains information, such as the (core) objectives, how to use it during your
lesson, types of activities, user manuals of tools used in the lesson and many more.