Prowise Learn

Online exercises for all students

Prowise Learn contains several online exercises for primary and secondary education.

The exercises, which students can use independently of your lesson material, are fully adaptive. So all students automatically work at their own level of proficiency and make good progress.

  • Adaptive and smart
    Because of the smart and adaptive Prowise World of Education software, all students in class follow their own learning pathways and always achieve success.
  • Playfully exercise your math skills
    Improve math abilities in a motivating and fun way in a playful online environment for students to practice maths at their own level.
  • Fun exercises
    Custom-made exercises are stimulating and increase learning effectiveness, motivation and success!
  • Helpful dashboard
    Saves time and provides insight in the results of the learning process and mastery of the learning

Entirely free until January 1st, 2020!​

Prowise Learn