Prowise celebrates ten years of education innovation

2019 is dedicated to the tenth anniversary


Prowise celebrates a decade of education innovation. Ideas that were born ten years ago around a kitchen table in the Netherlands are still the foundation of the international company, at which currently over 220 enthusiastic colleagues are active. And in true Prowise fashion, we never celebrate alone.

You would almost start wondering what classrooms would even look like if Michael Ahrens and Erik Neeskens would not have been as bold as they were and laid the foundation for Prowise. Whether it concerns hardware or software, there are few schools in the Netherlands that have not in one way or another been influenced by the smart ideas from Budel over the past ten years.

Towards the future

Nowadays, Prowise is also located in the United Kingdom, Amsterdam and Germany. And with colleagues as far away as Serbia and China, our ambition to make digital learning solutions accessible for everyone is only gaining more and more traction. However, at Prowise, we only glance back briefly. We don't have time to look back for long. We focus on the future, even in the anniversary year.

Joint adventure

Of course we want to thank you as loyal Prowise users from the bottom of our hearts for your faith over the past ten years. But our joint adventure is far from over! Together we continue to make learning and collaborating more accessible, effective and enjoyable. On top of that, a decade of education innovation of course provides an excellent opportunity to reminisce about the past.

Prowise celebrates ten years of education innovation