Prowise browser

Central 3.0


  • Discover the benefits of the browser
  • Learn how to create apps

What is the Prowise browser?
The Prowise browser app is installed on the touchscreen on default. Our Prowise browser is user friendly, entirely safe and lightning fast. Since it is specially made for our touchscreens, you enjoy an optimal user experience if you are playing videos for example. 

What can I use it for?
Naturally, you can use it to browse websites. The browser ensures that you can use the touchscreen as a real app generator.  Transform every website into an app with the Prowise app generator. Add this app to your favourites in Prowise Central so you are always ready to go.

How do I open the Prowise browser?

  1. Go to Prowise Central home (select the home icon on the left-hand side of the screen).
  2. Select the Prowise browser app in the list of installed apps.
  3. The browser opens and you can get start browsing.

How do I make my own app?

  1. Open your favourite website via the Prowise browser.
  2. Select 'Create web link' and the website is automatically converted into an app and added to the Prowise Central Home screen.
  3. You now created your own app!
Prowise browser