Problem solving and acting

Prowise and the 21st century skills


  • Recognising or acknowledging a problem and developing a plan to resolve the issue

The process that leads to problem resolution is even more important than finding a solution to that problem.

  • Step 1. Understanding the problem
  • Step 2. Developing a plan
    Analysing the information
    Generating potential solutions
    Evaluating and selecting solutions
  • Step 3. Executing the plan
    Applying the solution
    Assessing and evaluating the result
    Adjusting the plan if necessary
  • Step 4. Hindsight

Use a Prowise touchscreen to better understand the issue with the help of visual support. Make an analysis with the ‘Concepts’ illustrations and have students develop a plan in Presenter. They can work together in the process and discuss their own evaluation. The plan can then be shared with other students and the teacher.

Problem solving and acting