Presenter Windows app with annotate

Your favourite is back!

Your interactive whiteboard favourite is back: the Prowise Presenter Windows Desktop app, including annotate. With this feature, you can easily write or take notes from Presenter over other programmes, websites and teaching software. 

Highlights of this release:

  • Windows desktop app 
  • Annotate (Windows desktop app)
  • Screen recording (Windows desktop app)
  • Adjusting line and fill colour and line thickness of written text, shapes or lines after they have already been written or drawn (all platforms)

Take notes with the touch of a button
Using the annotate feature is now easier than ever before. Click on the annotate icon in the taskbar and you automatically go to the Windows environment. You have the choice of the pen, a marker and a calligraphic pencil. These writing tools are available in three different colours and five different line thicknesses. Of course, there is also the eraser: remove specific notes or erase them all at once. 

Are you done taking notes? Or do you want to add a screenshot of your teaching software to Prowise Presenter? You are free to do so the way you please, there are three options:

  • Take a screenshot of the entire window
  • Drag a rectangular frame around the content you want to screenshot 
  • Use the lasso option to take a screenshot of a specific shape 

Your screenshot is pasted in your Presenter file automatically and saved in the folder 'My images', which you can find in file management and in the media library. This way, you can also use the content in your presentation at a later point. The annotate screenshots can be edited just like any other item in Prowise Presenter. Think of locking, enlarging, rotating, duplicating or cropping it, or using building blocks. 

Presenter Windows app with annotate