Presenter update September 2019

We continuously improve Presenter 10

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Already a month has gone by since the launch of Presenter 10. We have made significant improvements in terms of the stability and performance of Presenter 10. For instance, we have further improved the lesson conversion from Presenter 9 to Presenter 10. The 'Group picker' has also been added to the media library. 

Lesson conversion from Presenter 9 to Presenter 10
Lessons that have been created in Presenter 9 are also accessible in Presenter 10. In this release the conversion has already improved significantly and we continue to do so for future releases.

ProConnect user experience improved
ProConnect is now provided with a more elaborate explanation, additional buttons and some background improvements have been implemented.

Find the right tool immediately in MyProwise
MyProwise contains the explanations of every tool. From the item with explanation, you can now link directly to the tool in Presenter.

New tool: Group picker
This highly anticipated tool to easily create groups in your class has been added to Presenter 10. Type the names, choose the number of group members and the number of groups and let the tool create them. You can still drag names to different groups afterwards. Read more about the Group picker.

Special symbols
Additional special letters have been added to Presenter, including ę, æ, î, ü, ï.

Log-in issues
The log-in issues have been solved

Presenter update September 2019