Presenter update October 2020

A rearrangement of buttons, additional functionalities and enhanced performance!

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This update is fully based on the feedback we received. Once you open Presenter, you will notice some buttons are placed more smartly. Highly demanded functionalities that make Presenter even more user friendly have been added, including the improved text editor.

What's new:

  • Upgraded interface
    The design and structure of Presenter have been updated:
    - The buttons have a new look
    - The menu that used to be in the top-right corner is now in the bottom-right corner and divided in a help and settings button
    - The toolbar is designed to be user friendly
    - The full-screen button is relocated to the page navigator
    - The hand icon to drag your canvas is directly accessible
  • Text editor
    Edit separate sections of a text box. For instance, you can give a different colour to a word or individual letter. Text settings, such as font and font size are copied when adding a new text box.
  • Tool: Classroom floor plan
    Make a floor plan of your classroom, so that pupils know where to sit. Add windows, doors and various Prowise devices.
  • Preview mode
    Functionalities that are currently under development can be viewed in the preview mode. This mode can be enabled in the settings menu. The collaboration feature is relocated to the preview mode.
  • Import
    The button to import images or sounds is added to the media library.
  • 'My images' and 'My sounds'
    These folders have been added to the media library. It is now once again possible to enter your own content in tools.
  • Export to PDF
    You can now export Presenter files to PDF.

Troubleshooting and improvements:

  • Drop-down menus are fitted to the Presenter screen.
  • When adding a new page, the background of the active page is duplicated.
  • Enhanced look and shorter loading time for 3D models.
  • The loading process of lessons has been optimised.
  • Within the Central app you can now once again draw long lines.
  • Opening saved tools via a shared URL is also available again.
  • When opening a file, the font size is adjusted to the font size when the file was saved last.
  • It is also once again possible to add MP3 files with the drag-and-drop feature.
Presenter update October 2020