Presenter update March 2020

We continuously improve Presenter 10

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This Presenter 10 update offers improved performance and new features.

What's new:

  • Work fields visible
    You can choose to show the work field frames, so you can see exactly how big the work field is. You can turn it on by enabling the button 'show work field' in the menu in the top-right corner in Presenter. This can be useful when you create a file on a different device than the one you will use to present or teach. This way you can be sure that all your content is visible.
    Lessons that were created in Presenter 9 now also show the lines of the nine-square grid in your file. If you open a Presenter 9 lesson in Presenter 10 and enable the 'show work field' feature, the content is placed next to each other like you were used to in Presenter 9. 
  • More filter options
    Are you looking for a collaboration file in the file manager? You can now filter this out when searching for a specific file. This way you can find your file much quicker! You can also use it to search images and sounds.
  • Saving open tools
    There are various open tools in Presenter, including Flash cards, Memory and Word search. The nice thing about these tools is that you can enter information yourself and let your pupils get started. Once you have filled a tool with content, you can save it separately so you can easily revisit it via the file manager.
  • Using keyboard with iOS device
    When using Presenter on an iOS device, you can now also work with a physical keyboard.
  • New maths backgrounds
    There are several types of chequered paper that make drawing graphs or diagrams much easier. The following backgrounds have been added: Chequered paper 1x0.5, single logarithmic small, double logarithmic and chequered paper 10mm orange.

Besides these additions, more stability and performance improvements have been implemented. For instance, the loading speed in some tools has improved significantly.

Presenter update March 2020