Presenter update June 2020

We continuously improve Presenter 10

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You might not see it, but you will definitely notice it! This Presenter update is dedicated to problem solving and improvement. 

What has been improved:

  • Writing thickness
    The thickness of the writing line in Presenter is set to 4 by default. This is the most commonly used thickness for writing text, so you can start right away.
  • Smart toolbar
    Settings you change in the toolbar are now automatically saved. For example, if you set certain colors to the preferred colors, they will still be here after logging in again.
  • Copy/Paste
    The problem of copying and pasting external links (e.g. when you want to add a link to an object) no longer conflicts with copy and paste actions within Presenter.
  • Close tab warning
    When you close a tab in Presenter, you will first receive a warning message before the tab is actually closed.
  • Share open tools
    It is now possible to share a ProQuiz or saved tool, such as the open memory or mind map. The receiver will see the tool in the same way including the elements you filled the quiz or tool with.
Presenter update June 2020