Presenter update February 2020

We continuously improve Presenter 10

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The theme of the February 2020 update is improvement. You have seen that Presenter works better and more stable on all platforms and that the performance has improved.

What else is new:

  • Search feature in media library
    You can now use the search feature in the media library to quickly find the right tool, image or other item from the media library.
  • 3D model of the bicycle|
    Examine the bicycle from all angles and explain how it is put together and how it works.
  • New tool: Bus stop
    We recognise this tool from Presenter 9 and has been redesigned in Presenter 10. Practise adding and subtracting in a meaningful way. Use the instruction mode to visualise the calculations step by step and move on to practise mode once the pupils are ready to get started independently. Read more about the tool Bus stop
  • New tool: Dice
    The popular Dice tool is now also available in Presenter 10. Select your desired number of dice and get rolling. You can create countless class activities. Get inspired
  • 9-square grid visible
    The lines of the 9-square grid from Presenter 9 have been added to the page manager. If you click on a field, Presenter automatically zooms in on that part.
Presenter update February 2020