Presenter update December 2019

We continuously improve Presenter 10

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We continue to improve Presenter 10. Therefore, we are launching updates of the latest version of our free software package regularly. We have listed a couple of improvements that you can get started with immediately!

File management
You can once again create and rename folders in Presenter 10. We have also added the bin, so users can delete lessons.

Importing and exporting files
The import feature is back. This applies to the following file types: pdf, doc(x), xls(x), ppt(x), iwb, odt, ods, odp, txt, rtf, notebook and Presenter. You can also export Presenter files to iwb.

New tools
The Mind map and Interactive i have been added to our software package.

Tools in MyProwise
Click on the i button next to the tool for an explanation and information about that tool.

Introduction lesson
When you launch Presenter 10 for the first time, you get an introduction lesson. Run through this lesson to become familiar with the basics of Presenter.

ProQuiz improvements
ProQuiz has undergone considerable improvements. You can now open a quiz from Presenter 9, save results and long answers are visible in the results.

Collaboration improvements
You can now save the lesson during a collaboration session. A copy is then made of the changes so far. Moreover, font and font size adjustments are visible in real-time. The tab now also shows when you are in a collaboration session.

Also new:

  • Saving and opening Presenter files
  • Copying the link to share the lesson is once again functional
  • Opening lessons from MyProwise directly in Presenter 10
  • New illustrations, including animals and food
  • Lessons can be closed while they are loading
Presenter update December 2019