Presenter update April 2020

We continuously improve Presenter 10

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With this new updated version of Presenter 10 you can make your own word games in the tool Open hangman, the tool Simon says has been reinstalled and musical notes have been added. This update also includes troubleshooting and improvements.

What’s new:

  • Tool: Open hangman
    Open hangman is a completely new tool. In this tool you are given the opportunity to enter words or sentences as you want. Let your pupils guess the words using this classic word game. 
    The tool can be found in the media library under 'Tools' and then 'English'.
  • Tool: Simon says
    This tool, which trains the memory, can now also be found in the latest version of our software. Try to press the buttons in the same order as they appear and keep this up for as long as possible. 
    The tool can be found in the media library under 'Tools' and then 'Class management'.
  • Illustrations: musical notes
    You can now easily add an eighth note, G major, bar line and many more musical illustrations to your presentations. Create your own note bar with the background 'Music Paper'.

Troubleshooting and improvements:

  • Improved scroll performance
  • Some of the illustrations open in a smaller size, so they can be used immediately
  • Improved system for loading lessons
  • Improved 3D model 'Skin layers
Presenter update April 2020