Presenter buttons



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  • Exploring Presenter buttons

Here you can find an overview of the buttons in Presenter.

Notification manager and menu 

  • Tabs: open a maximum of three Presenter files simultaneously
  • Notification manager
  • Menu

Taskbar buttons (in the bottom-left corner in Presenter)

  • File manager: start collaborating, share, open and save your Presenter file here
  • Media library: add images, illustrations, videos, 3D models, sounds, backgrounds and tools to your Presenter file
  • Start ProConnect: connect devices with a Presenter file
  • Undo action or reset
  • Select button: activate the select button and click on an object to select it
  • Cursor

Page navigation and page manager (in the bottom-right corner in Presenter)

  • Page navigation: expand the work field, zoom in or out, get an overview of the entire page and return to your starting position
  • Previous and next page: browse through your Presenter file
  • Page manager: duplicate and copy pages in a Presenter file. Delete or add pages.

The toolbar is a bar you can move around and contains writing tools, mini tools, lines, figures and text.