Presenter 10 on the 10-year anniversary

During the ten-year anniversary, Prowise launches the latest version of Presenter


When you think of the ten-year anniversary of Prowise, you quickly think of Prowise Presenter. An entire generation has grown up with the lessons, tools and practise exercises from our free education software. In order to be prepared for the future, Presenter has been completely renewed. We would love to tell you everything about it.

Developments of Presenter

Nowadays, the popular education software is packed with educational tools, homemade illustrations, background, sounds and standard features such as writing and adding shapes and lines. Throughout the years, Presenter became more and more popular among a broader audience. To continue to appeal to all target audiences, the design has been refreshed. We have critically reviewed the important layouts. For instance, images, sounds and tools have been combined into one media library. Additionally, various tools have undergone educational updates.

New platform

The fact that Adobe has stopped developing browser plug-in Flash has caused Prowise to look for an alternative. And we have found one. The alternative offers many new possibilities, such as real-time collaboration with colleagues or classmates within a presentation and 3D models.

Try the latest version of Presenter

Get started with the beta in your school, so teachers are totally familiar with the latest version of Presenter once it is officially launched. You can explore what's new and try out the new features.

Presenter 10 on the 10-year anniversary