Power circuit

Prowise MOVE

Make a closed power circuit by using the right materials to light the bulb.

Once the game starts, several materials appear on the left and right. The objective is to take materials from there and create a closed power circuit. To pick up objects, hold your hand in front of it for 1.5 seconds. Move your hand to a place in the grid and keep it still for 1.5 seconds to drop the object there. Place the materials such that you create a closed power circuit.

Do you think the power circuit is complete? Hold your hand over the play button to test the power circuit. Flip the switch by placing your hand over it for 1.5 seconds. Does the light bulb turn on? You successfully created a closed power circuit! If not, exchange the components and try again.

Do you want to delete a component from the grid? Drag it back to the toolbox.
Do you want to start again from the beginning? Hold your hand over the circular arrow button to reset the game.

Important! You need a Prowise MOVE camera to be able to use the MOVE tools. The camera is supplied with the Prowise Touchscreen. Assemble the MOVE camera to your Prowise Touchscreen and open the Prowise MOVE app in Central. Select the tool 'Power circuit'.

Power circuit