Place value table decimals

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  • Understanding the value of digits in numbers and the number structure.
  • Doing calculations with numbers

Visualise the position of whole numbers and numbers with a decimal point. Use the tool to do calculations with numbers. This table can be adjusted from units of a hundred thousand to millions.

Press the cursor button in the toolbar to control the tool. Use the black arrows pointing left and right to adjust the table.

  • M = millions
  • HT = hundred thousands
  • T = thousands
  • H = hundreds
  • T = tens
  • O = ones
  • t =  tenths
  • h = hundredths
  • th = thousandths
  • tt = ten thousandths
  • ht = hundred thousandths

Use the pencil to write numbers in the columns. Use the keyboard button to enter numbers in the columns.

Place value table decimals


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