Pair of compasses


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  • Adding and using a pair of compasses

The mini tools button is located in the toolbar at the bottom. Once you select it, a menu unfolds and you can choose your desired mini tool. The mini tool is then placed on the page directly.

Mini tools are tools that are stuck to a page. They will therefore appear on every page of your Presenter file and also when expanding, moving or shifting the work field on the same page. This way you can easily and instantly use the tool without the need to search for it.

Use the pair of compasses to draw perfect circles in the colour and size of your choice. This mini-tool contains several buttons. Click on the double arrow button to switch the position of the pencil and compass point. There are two buttons on the pencil. Select the pencil to change the colour of the line. Press and hold the button with the arrows to adjust the angle of the compass. To activate the pencil of the pair of compasses, drag the pencil point over the canvas. 

Pair of compasses