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  • Word games

A game in which you have to guess words by guessing letters. You only have a limited amount of incorrect guesses.

The  cursor button is already active, so you can use the tool right away. The tool opens in edit mode, the settings menu is open. Adjust any settings and then click in the large white box.
Type a word or short phrase using the Presenter keyboard or the device keyboard. You can use a maximum of 60 characters per exercise.
Add an exercise by clicking the "+ Exercise" button.
Select an exercise, then click the trash bin to delete the entire exercise. All exercises are deleted with the button "Empty".

Click the "Confirm" button to start the tool. Click on a letter to place it in the word.
When the letter is correct, it turns green and becomes visible in the word.
If the letter is wrong, the hangman is built up or an object disappears from the drawing. This is due to the chosen settings.

Open hangman